Watch USA Netflix Anywhere in the World

Watch USA NetflixFor those of us that travel often, are in the military or simply live anywhere other than the United States, you know that the Netflix service is super limited in other countries in comparison to the movies and shows you get in the USA. Therefore, there is a huge demand for ways to watch American Netflix abroad. One of the countries big on this is Canada as they have about 4,000 titles right now compared to the 10,000 or so found in the USA. I found such a website when I was just tinkering online that actually tested all the various methods and concluded that a service called Unblock US was the best one due to it being the first in the market, having the largest customer base and the speed. Simply put, it is an easy way to make your computer appear that you are located in the United States rather than the country you are physically located in. Neat huh!?

They have a 7 day free trial that you can test for yourself. The awesome part is there is no credit card information required so no one will magically bill you after those 7 days. If you live in Canada, there is also an additional 20-30% off you get so check it out. Enjoy!

Watch Netflix in Canada




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