Using Apps to Replace a Wedding Photographer

When you’re planning a wedding, everything is really expensive and cutting costs is a reality for most couples. In a perfect world you wouldn’t need to worry about your wedding budget, but unless you’re from a very wealthy family then you’re going to need to stretch every single penny. One of the most expensive parts of your wedding will be hiring a professional wedding photographer, so recently there has been a push to find alternatives for this expense while still getting plenty of pictures of your ceremony and reception. Though most of what I’ve heard about this endeavor has been a mixed-bag of results, there are some couples who have saved big and swear by their decision.

In years past, it was common practice to leave a disposable camera on each table in the reception hall so that guests could take pictures in situations where a wedding photographer simply couldn’t go. This happened quite regularly, even if the couple had the cash to pay for a professional to capture the more important parts of the wedding. Now, since everyone and their grandmother own a smartphone, disposable cameras are a thing of the past. However, the quest to replace a wedding photographer with an app is now alive and well and here is everything you need to know about it.

Collecting Photos

There are a number of great apps out there to enhance the quality of the photos that are taken by your smartphone, and as technology continues to advance the quality of the standard camera functions improves as well. The one limitation that the cameras on smartphones have is the lack of a true optical zoom lens, but since you usually are pretty close to everyone it’s really not that important at a wedding. Another downside is the size of the lens which would make it difficult to capture very bright sparklers and other objects that emit a lot of light. However, since you’re already compromising by not having a professional wedding photographer at all, skipping some of these pictures is probably not out of the question.

Sharing Photos

There are a number of popular platforms for sharing photos available, but the most popular apps are Instagram and Facebook. Since everyone at your wedding will likely already be connected on social media apps like these, this is the easiest and most viable way to share your wedding photos. In fact, most people put their wedding photos online using social media anyway, even if they do hire a professional photographer. There are also apps available specifically for sharing wedding photos, but most are so new that there’s no definitive leader in that category just yet.

Other Thoughts

Though it’s pretty obvious that there has yet to be a substitute created for hiring a true professional wedding photographer, there are options for those who simply can’t afford to pay for one. It may be less than ideal and require a few sacrifices to make it work, but at least you’ll be able to afford your wedding and still have a lot of pictures to look back on fondly.

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