Online ID Maker

As a company that runs id badge printing for other companies we had id card maker in mind for years. The need was to create online application that would be able to address small and medium companies needs for identification means. While larger entities use API or some sort of large volume batch process small business approach had to be very different. Companies under 100 employees hardly ever have a full scale human resources data system that is resourceful enough to offer application programing interface (API). This interface is the most common way to transfer data between two or more autonomous systems. Even if the API existed we would be able to offer competitive pricing and offset programming work required for transferring relevant data from the customer to us.

All these conditions got us to the spot where we had to start from scratch and develop an application tailored for the audience. We knew the integration with our back end all right but making an user friendly graphic design application was whole another story. We had to reach out to our colleagues who develop consumer software to learn how different this world is. And trust me it has been entirely different, beginning from proof of concept through visualizations, plan coding, testing all the way to quality assurance we entered uncharted territory.
Our online id maker is nowhere close what we had in mind when we started developing it. Don’t get wrong, we’re very proud of it and what’s even more important our customers are happy with it. Just funny feeling how things start and end in software developing world.

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