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Welcome to the GTA V Key Generator

Grand theft auto IV is the most anticipated game of the century. Millions of people are waiting upon the release of it and many more are dying to get a glimpse of it. So how would you like the chance to be able to get your hands on the LIVE version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game? Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to play the yet to be released features before anyone else? Well you have come to the right place, as now is your chance.

In order to be able to download the GTA 5 version, you will need to get a key. You can do this by generating one using our advanced algorithms. During this process you will encounter a human verification system which has been designed and engineered to be able to detect any type of malicious entries into our system. After you have done this you will be able to get your KEYCODE and then enter it into the steam client or the playstation/xbox stores to be able to download the full game.

Before you generate a KEY for “Grand Theft Auto 5” you must understand that we reserve the right to terminate the KEY generated at anytime. Also if the human verifcation system fails to identify you as a human then you’re IP address will be noted for security measures.