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Free Quality Fonts

Anyone into design, is always looking for typography and fonts for their web or print work. Therefore, every once in a while, we will share with you some cool, quality fonts discovered while scouring the internet. Oh, and they are FREE!

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Publishing Your Photography Book

If you love taking pictures and you would want to publish your personal photo book all by yourself, then be recommended that there are a lot of options which are accessible to you when it comes to publishing your photos by yourself.

To start with, when you choose self publishing, you have to set your objectives. Is your objectives of needing to self-publish a photo book for your own sake or just a sort of remembrance or it is for somebody else? Do you need a simple book, without frills, which will put in view your amazing pictures, or are you searching for fancy leather bound series?

Book photos can be printed right at the comfort of your home all you need to have is a computer and software made exclusively for this kind of book. With the appropriate software and a reliable quality printer, everyone can print out their own photo book at home. This may be a best option when you simply need a collection of your pictures to display at your room. Read more…

Making Money from Photos: Ways to Sell

Would you believe that your love for photography will give you extra income? Yes, it is very possible that with your passion for capturing amazing moments with your DLSR camera also means money. While a lot of professional photographers are making money from photos they have captured and so are you. The latest technology has made a lot of progress to the society. The innovation of modern gadgets has also enhanced a lot of things like cameras. Because of this modern digital world, cameras nowadays have the ability to capture images beyond ordinary. Its ability to freeze a moment and put it in a frame has been seen in a more pleasing manner. Read more…

Why Read and Use Magazines

Magazines are very effective reading materials which are a great source of useful information. Magazines do not only provide entertainment but general knowledge as well. Magazine is also the key to get latest updates and news. People who are used of reading regular magazines consider being the most informed or most updated about the latest happening in the world. The world becomes the subject matter of the magazines it’s up to you on what topic you are interested in. Whether it is about fashion, health, movies, education, science, technology, business, sports, lifestyle, economy, travel, and tourism, magazines has still so much to offer. You can find magazines anywhere not only at home but also in offices, salon, airplane, hotels, and any place having a waiting room. People love reading magazines because this is really entertaining. Reading magazines is a great thing to do to spend leisure time and relax.

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Qualities and Characteristics of a Professional Photographer

Photography is creativity and an art of drawing or capturing any realistic images or moment. It is an authentic medium for the expression of reality and communication without the use of any linguistic hurdles. With the use of best kind of camera/lenses, you could record in exact details images of the moments or scenes you wish capture. This art could not be a success without a photographer, a professional one equipped not only with the best lenses but one who has highly developed knowledge, techniques, attributes and skills in the conduct of the business.

To become a well rounded photographer, you must possess some of the following important qualities and characteristics: Read more…

Making Money from Photos through Baby Photography

Being a parent is the most challenging role in this world that needs constant dedication. Having a career as well as being a parent is a hard thing to do especially for women who are raising their children as single mother. On the other hand, being a photographer is one of the most amazing careers in life because you will have the chance to capture images that are meant to be cherished and admired not just by some but a lot of people. Photographs are considered as an art where amazing images being captured can make an impact in the history from simple people to the whole world.

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Photo Publishing Tips

You have taken some truly outstanding and brilliant photographs which are meaningful and valuable to share with your family or the whole world. Your shoots are sharp, flawlessly exposed and collected, and top of all, unique and eye-catching. You have stored the photos in way makes significance to you, however hard drives may fail. Therefore publishing your photos is the best that you can do in addition to making your digital folders into top-quality prints for photo exhibitions. Bear in mind that the contest is stiff, however don’t allow that prevent you. Here are some beginning tips to help you.

What to Take Pictures of

Move ahead and take pictures for yourself. Take pictures of those colorful flowers, cute puppies and great sunsets, however if you need to do anything with the pictures aside from decorating then or giving them to your loved ones, you should think differently. At this moment with flood of generic maters accessible online for small fee, the best way to become successful in publishing your photo is to dedicate yourself in photography. Read more…

Building your Portfolio: Making Money from Photos

Photography might be one of your sacred ways to express your emotions and tell a story about yourself to a lot of people. Knowing a lot about photography is an advantage and making money from it is just wonderful. Having yourself hired as a photographer is just very hard to do to tell you honestly it might take you centuries to achieve that. Being practical and realistic nowadays is what the survivors in the industry are practicing. You don’t have to earn a lot of pride but you also don’t have to throw it away just to get yourself to the top. Making money from photos maybe hard but certainly there are ways on how to get trough from it.

As you make your way to do business with photography you might quite realize that when you add all the expenses including the transportation, profit is far from earning. Experience might come in handy after series of contract but still you won’t get enough for a living. Because you want make money from being a photographer and signing contracts to be a photographer for magazines, newspapers, photo shoots, and etc., having a reputation in the industry is exactly what you need. Making money from photos is certainly hard if your target is very high. But that won’t stop you from achieving it right? Read more…

Making Money from Photos with Printed Images

Making money nowadays has never been so hard. While looking for a terrific job that has a good compensation package is hard to find, making money from photos is just as hard as looking for a job. The world of photography has already proved to the world that it can create history by capturing moments that will shake everyone’s heart. There are lots of images or photographs that has been the hot topic not just in the world of entertainment but as well as the lives of ordinary people. There are timeless photographs that even now it still continue to create an impact especially to people who first seen those photographs.

A lot of images have already made its place in the history. Along with that photographs are those amazing photographers that even they have been captured by their own creation. And now while the time is still young for those amateur photographers, the world has still much to offer. Read more…

Reading Photography Magazines

Magazines are periodicals, glossies and serials publications printed with ink and paper which is usually published weekly. Magazine is a storage and collection medium of different articles.

Magazines are distributed through mail, newsstands and bookstores. The distribution of magazine is in three main categories which is the paid circulation, non-paid circulation and the controlled circulation.

  • Paid circulation if the magazine is sold to the readers for a price, either by subscription or per- issue basis. Where magazine companies require a annual or monthly fee to readers.
  • Controlled Circulation is a model used by industry-based documentations only distributed to qualified readers.
  • Non-Paid Circulation which means no issues and cover costs are given away.

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