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Top Features of AVG

AVG is one of the most widely selected and trusted software security company. This firm was founded in the year 1991 and became popular as one of the best leading providers in the industry of security software producers. In the whole world, AVG has many offices that are located in fast developing countries. This company is also well-known in producing many state-of-the-art products. This well trusted security software is used to protect the computers from all types of computer viruses, Trojan horse, worms, malware, and many more.

This excellent and extra ordinary security software provides the individuals the edge in preventing possible future computer treats. Likewise, it allows the users to be more confident in browsing the internet or even sharing storage devices. With these advantages, you can protect your computer with much more confidence that it will be free from online threats. AVG is a very reliable and trust worthy security software that is available in the market.

Today, people often misunderstood the importance of security software. Those people who own a brand new computer often forget to know more about the specific needs of the device. By owning a computer, users must also be aware that a computer needs. Meeting these needs will increase your computers capability to perform much faster.

This will give the users with the freedom to surf the net without worrying anymore. The best thing about AVG is that it always developing and improving each and every day. AVG reassures that users that the computer will be protected to all threats. They can always develop a counter agent that will combat the new computer viruses. With this fact, you can be more confident enough that everything is taken care of.

This extraordinary and state-of-the-art security software is a user friendly and an easy to use application. It is also very easy to manage and maintain. It comes with a wide range ways of protection methods that provide the users with a variety of advantages. AVG provides the users with multiple level and layers of protection that will ensure the users that their computer is safe. One way it protects computers is through the AVG Plugin, which incorporates their security features into the Firefox plugin.

It can also monitor the data that come in and out of your personal computer and it provides the users with a report to track data that may contain threats. With its intelligent scanning method, it reduces the scanning time but it thoroughly inspects every data for optimum security. This excellent and extraordinary security system has the gamer mode feature which allows the gamers to concentrate on gaming whether it is online or through a local connection. AVG has an excellent feature that allows scanning and updating while the users are playing games without disturbances.

Viruses are becoming sophisticated as time passes by. There are so many rouge companies that produce hackers and programmers to bypass security software to infect computers. They also had claimed that they are the only ones that have the capability of getting rid of the virus that they had invented. You can be rest assured that AVG is always trying its very best every day to make sure that your computer will always be protected at all times.

How To Monitor Website Availability And Page Loading Speed

Today website became the integral part of each kind of business. In most cases site is not only a face of a company but the main business tool. I mean shops, social networks, all kind of web services and etc. That’s why it is so important to be sure that you website is available, loading fast and performs in appropriate way. Present-day sites are very complex and multicomponent structures and like other complex things they tend to break sometimes. The reason could be any: overlooked bug, server fault, unexpected form input, conflict of components, unoptimized scripts and others. To avoid problems site administrators should control the process on all stages – developing, installation and work. Let’s talk about the third one.

As it has been already said any site should be constantly monitored for availability and performance. But what is the best way to do that? There is no need to describe why it is a bad idea to do that manually. As for additional internal scripting they can`t be a good monitoring tool – when the server goes down no scripts will work. Under these circumstances the only reliable and effective solution to check your website for availabilty and performance is external website monitoring service.

There are many website monitoring providers and most of them offer simple web server performance check with customized frequency. But advanced level services also offer SOAP monitoring, DNS monitoring, port monitoring, VoIP-SIP monitoring, SMTP/IMAP/POP3 mail server monitoring. But how site works depends not only on server but also on web apps functionality. Companies like Dotcom-monitor also provide web application monitoring for apps built on almost any web technology including HTML, AJAX, Flash, Java, Silverlight and more. If something goes wrong, works slowly or in inappropriate way the provider inform you with email, phone call or SMS. They also provide reports with detailed analytics of all elements involved in a web application. That can help quickly find issues that may affect web app performance.

Being must have for webmasters web site and web application monitoring services are quite easy to use and do not require much efforts on integration with existent website. Dotcom-Monitor makes that even easier offering EveryStep Macro Recorder feature – a tool that gives availability to create own complex monitoring scripts by recording any set of web application transaction steps in a point-and-click browser-like environment.

Most of basic website monitoring services are free. Professional ones are paid but functionality they provide worth that. To learn more just check first page in Google for “web application monitoring” ))

UnblockUs – Watch TV Outside the USA

Live or travel outside of the United States but dying to watch your favorite TV shows or listen to streaming music online? Services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify and BBC iPlayer are geo-blocked unfortunately. Well this is where Unblock US comes into play! Unblock-Us acts as a custom DNS server that you can use in place of your normal DNS servers. Check out an excellent Unblock Us Review here and grab your free membership today.




How can your Windows 7 user account be hacked?

“Last week there were some serious problems on my Windows 7 PC and I then sent it to the shop to fix. When I got it back, I found there are some strange things happened on my PC. I found I had two user accounts on my PC and when I intended to log in my account, it didn’t ask me for my login password. Besides, the Windows notified me that my license wasn’t legal. When I check it, it wasn’t the license key I have ever used. And also I noticed that there was an unfamiliar folder on my desktop, with some hardware testing tools. Now I want to know, is it possible that my user account has been hacked by others.”   ~ Miller Watson

The above situation is a common account hacking case. Many users don’t realize the importance of user account security until their accounts have been hacked one day. It may happen in many conditions, say, in the process for recovery password Windows 7, when you download software on the Internet, etc. Here, I’d like to talk about several common ways used to hack Windows 7 user account, and also give you my suggestions.

Windows 7 user account security can be in danger when hackers get physical access to your Windows 7 PC. It will enable them do anything they want to. At the repair shop, a malicious attacker can easily crack your password with a tool, say, ERD commander, just to test whether your Windows 7 PC works well or not. Actually, when you want to change hardware like the CPU, you’d better call Windows and have them re-verify your account, rather than turn to an unknown repair shop.

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