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Tamron works on a technology exceeding human vision

If Tamron is famous for its goals, pure and hard electronic imaging is not necessarily an area in which we expect it. However, in collaboration with the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the National Research and Development Agency, Tamron has developed a technology capable of seeing from 0.003 Lux and supporting a dynamic of 140 dB, just that.

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Let us understand right now: no, Tamron does not go into the design or production of sensors – or this conclusion would be a capillary (a way of speaking). In reality, by partnering with the two Japanese agencies, Tamron focused on the optical part of this new technology, which still does not have a name. The work of the optician has concentrated mainly on the development of lenses with very low reflection in order to maximise the collection of light. The communiqué does not specify whether it succeeds by using glasses of the particular chemical composition or by a specific surface treatment, perhaps a bit of both. The two state agencies, for their part, have developed a new CMOS sensor that riots very little in low light and has a very strong dynamic (140 dB, we will come back), coupled with new algorithms image processing particularly high performance Noise Reduction and “dynamic brightness” technology that we do not know much about except that it allows “luminance resolution for a wide range of brightness” (wide dynamic range). Perhaps it is a question of sampling on more than 16 bits.

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Inevitably, arrived here, impossible not to think about the organic sensor on which Panasonic and Fujifilm planted for some years. This organic sensor is, we promise, equipped with a dynamic of 123 dB, i.e. 21.5 EV. With its 140 dB, the system co-developed by Tamron would be capable of a dynamic of 23.3 IL, compared to the 15 IL that reach the best current imagers and the 10 to 14 IL of dynamics of which the human eye is usually credited. Knowing that the new system is capable of capturing information from 0.003 lux, it means that between the darkest and the brightest zone there can be a deviation of 1:10 000 000! Note that Canon, with its camcorder ME20F-SH, is capable of collecting information from 0.0005 lux, but that this system is reserved for industry, research and some very specific scientific applications. What will happen to the Tamron system? The future will tell.





Watch USA Netflix Anywhere in the World

Watch USA NetflixFor those of us that travel often, are in the military or simply live anywhere other than the United States, you know that the Netflix service is super limited in other countries in comparison to the movies and shows you get in the USA. Therefore, there is a huge demand for ways to watch American Netflix abroad. One of the countries big on this is Canada as they have about 4,000 titles right now compared to the 10,000 or so found in the USA. I found such a website when I was just tinkering online that actually tested all the various methods and concluded that a service called Unblock US was the best one due to it being the first in the market, having the largest customer base and the speed. Simply put, it is an easy way to make your computer appear that you are located in the United States rather than the country you are physically located in. Neat huh!?

They have a 7 day free trial that you can test for yourself. The awesome part is there is no credit card information required so no one will magically bill you after those 7 days. If you live in Canada, there is also an additional 20-30% off you get so check it out. Enjoy!

Watch Netflix in Canada




Using Apps to Replace a Wedding Photographer

When you’re planning a wedding, everything is really expensive and cutting costs is a reality for most couples. In a perfect world you wouldn’t need to worry about your wedding budget, but unless you’re from a very wealthy family then you’re going to need to stretch every single penny. One of the most expensive parts of your wedding will be hiring a professional wedding photographer, so recently there has been a push to find alternatives for this expense while still getting plenty of pictures of your ceremony and reception. Though most of what I’ve heard about this endeavor has been a mixed-bag of results, there are some couples who have saved big and swear by their decision.

In years past, it was common practice to leave a disposable camera on each table in the reception hall so that guests could take pictures in situations where a wedding photographer simply couldn’t go. This happened quite regularly, even if the couple had the cash to pay for a professional to capture the more important parts of the wedding. Now, since everyone and their grandmother own a smartphone, disposable cameras are a thing of the past. However, the quest to replace a wedding photographer with an app is now alive and well and here is everything you need to know about it.

Collecting Photos

There are a number of great apps out there to enhance the quality of the photos that are taken by your smartphone, and as technology continues to advance the quality of the standard camera functions improves as well. The one limitation that the cameras on smartphones have is the lack of a true optical zoom lens, but since you usually are pretty close to everyone it’s really not that important at a wedding. Another downside is the size of the lens which would make it difficult to capture very bright sparklers and other objects that emit a lot of light. However, since you’re already compromising by not having a professional wedding photographer at all, skipping some of these pictures is probably not out of the question. Read more…

To Buy Or Not To Buy Twitter Followers

Millions of people use Twitter on a daily basis to follow celebrities, friends, sports stars and anyone else of interest at the moment. Twitter has gained great interest as a platform to be used as a marketing tool based mainly on the number of people that use Twitter. The big problem, however is that for most people their Twitter account is lost in the sea of Twitter, buried beneath everyone else, never to see the light of day.

Twitter is second now, to Facebook in the sheer numbers of people who tweet. Yet as far as marketing is concerned there are still mysteries to uncover. One key to advancing in the ranks is to increase the number of followers that follow your account. Up until now the only way to do that is to patiently tend to your account on a daily basis, and tweet back and forth lending pertinent content to every one else’s tweet. Ah, a very slow process indeed.

But now, you can buy twitter followers. So just how does that work, you say? All you have to do is find a company that is legitimate and they will sell you followers.

Making the decision to buy Twitter followers is really a big step and it will boost your followers, but a word of caution is in order. It can be a dangerous move as well. When you do a search for buying twitter followers, you get a lot of hits for companies who will “guarantee” that these will be real people who will tweet and be active on your twitter account. Some of them will.

Many of them, however are just robotic clones that will do nothing and they will begin to drop off over time. While you may have a boost that looks good right away, it won’t do your Twitter account any good to begin losing followers, and in fact it could actually penalize your account.

A legitimate growth pattern in a Twitter account will display a consistent pattern of growth on a steady basis over a period of time. Once real people become engaged with your topic, they will tend to stay aboard because they view your account as a valuable resource. In other words, you really do have something valuable to offer. However, if you do start to have a fall off of followers in a grand scale, that is an abnormal event to Twitter.

A second, more dangerous problem is that many of these followers that you purchase are coming from a foreign country, such as India, and are simply manufactured for the purpose of filling up your list. This is a prime picking for hackers. Think about it. Once a hacker gets hold of your list and begins to get into the files of your real followers, your reputation could become toast. That is not a very good result.

If some things seem too good to be true, then they probably are. While there may be some legitimate companies where you can buy Twitter followers today high quality accounts, it can come with hidden dangers.

Three Reasons To Buy Instagram Followers

One of the fastest growing Internet social media site is Instagram, a photograph sharing site that is heavily focused on mobile content. In fact, so many people peruse Instagram that it is conceivable that achieving a high degree of popularity there could definitely bleed over into raising your popularity quotient in the digital sphere as a whole, not just on Instagram. Not only would people who followed you on Instagram bleed over into following you on other sites, but it would raise your authority in the mind of people that saw your following on Instagram.

One of the ways that you can quickly achieve a large following is to buy Instagram followers. Some people are hesitant to consider doing this, but here is a list of three good reasons to think about buying Instagram followers, so the nuclear issue from all angles before coming to a final decision on how you feel about it.

1 – It can increase your popularity on the site. When you buy Instagram followers on a site called Insta-Nuke, you are virtually unlimited in the amount of followers the you can amass within a very short period of time. This makes it very attractive because it becomes not only possible to increase your popularity quotient on the site, but actually fairly easy.

2 – When people look in your profile, they will automatically think more highly of you you have more followers. One of the most powerful influences into what another person thinks of you is what is called “social proof.” This means that if a person sees that other people have had a good experience with you or a good reaction to you or your product, the are more likely to think that you or your product are worthwhile as well. When people see that you have a large number of Instagram followers already, they will be much more likely to think highly of you and make the decision to follow you as well.

3 – It can result in additional exposure for your photographs because people will find your photographs in your account through the accounts of the followers that you purchase. After all, the whole point of the exercise is to get your photos seen, so this is probably the most powerful reason of all three – by having your account is connected to many other accounts, it gives the photographs that you post a much more significant chance of being seen by people who are not already following you naturally, which gives you the best chance of building a large organic following.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to conclude that it is beneficial how to buy Instagram followers. If you want to increase your popularity across social networking sites in general, and on photo sharing sites in particular, it only stands to reason that you’re going to need to amass a large following – and there is no better or faster way to do that then to simply purchase the followers that you need.

New Windows 8.1 Loader

Windows 8 ActivatorWindows 8.1, which is codenamed “Blue”, has been released due to the anger Microsoft received with Windows 8. The main change you will notice is the return of the Start menu which was what all previous versions of Windows had prior to Windows 8.

I suggest you take a look at Windows 8.1 and judge for yourself. In an effort to save money, you can download a trial version then run this Windows 8 Loader to activate it and test it for a few months (or forever actually).

Check it out and see what you think. I am still a huge fan of Windows 7 and weary to upgrade at this point in time.

Windows 8 Loader

Windows 8 Activator

Found this website that has a working Windows 8.1 loader. The software basically activates Windows 8, 8.1 and even Office 2013.

Download the Windows 8 Loader today!

Online ID Maker

As a company that runs id badge printing for other companies we had id card maker in mind for years. The need was to create online application that would be able to address small and medium companies needs for identification means. While larger entities use API or some sort of large volume batch process small business approach had to be very different. Companies under 100 employees hardly ever have a full scale human resources data system that is resourceful enough to offer application programing interface (API). This interface is the most common way to transfer data between two or more autonomous systems. Even if the API existed we would be able to offer competitive pricing and offset programming work required for transferring relevant data from the customer to us.

All these conditions got us to the spot where we had to start from scratch and develop an application tailored for the audience. We knew the integration with our back end all right but making an user friendly graphic design application was whole another story. We had to reach out to our colleagues who develop consumer software to learn how different this world is. And trust me it has been entirely different, beginning from proof of concept through visualizations, plan coding, testing all the way to quality assurance we entered uncharted territory.
Our online id maker is nowhere close what we had in mind when we started developing it. Don’t get wrong, we’re very proud of it and what’s even more important our customers are happy with it. Just funny feeling how things start and end in software developing world.

Best Games to Play on the iPhone 5

What makes a great game is very subjective. You might place a lot of weight on flashy graphics or you might look for simple, addictive gameplay. Owners of the latest version of Apple’s iPhone have got a wealth of games to choose from and some serious hardware to play them on. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the best iPhone 5 games to suit all tastes.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you want a game that really tests the capabilities of the iPhone 5’s dual-core A6 chip, then Asphalt 8 Airborne won’t disappoint. The visuals of this popular racer wouldn’t look out of place on the PS3 and the gameplay has seen a few modifications, most notably in the respect that your car can now fly through the air. At a cost of 69p, it’s also not going to break the bank.


Dots is has a beautiful minimalism that eschews complex graphics in favour of coloured dots on a white background. The draw of the gameplay is in its simplicity: connect dots of the same colour to score points. And did we mention it’s free to download?

CasinoEuro’s Blackjack

For those who enjoy a little online gambling, the iPhone has made the whole process easier with dedicated casino apps. One of the more successful attempts comes from CasinoEuro whose Blackjack game has some of the smoothest gameplay and stylish graphics in the genre.


The stunning retina display on the iPhone 5 lends itself to games with beautiful visuals. Limbo is one such game: the dark, monochrome world has been expertly crafted to give the gameplay an eerie, uncomfortable edge. You play a little boy searching for his sister among the crumbling city of Limbo, navigating puzzles, traps and giant spiders. It’s won a total of 90 awards since release in 2010.


Minecraft was one of the greatest success stories in the indie gaming world. As of September 2013 it had sold over 12 million copies, making it the 3rd best-selling PC game of all time. So it made a lot of sense to port it over to the iOS. The pocket edition is every bit as fun and makes memories of playing with Lego seem so long ago.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

There aren’t many mobile games that warrant a £13.99 price tag, but XCOM: Enemy Unkown is an exception. It’s a port of the successful PC and console strategy game that takes you into the world of alien invasions and battle tactics. It manages to retain much of the original’s ethos even with the touch-screen controls.

Kingdom Rush 2

The sequel to the immensely popular Kingdom Rush doesn’t take the tower-defence genre to new heights but keeps the same formula and adds a couple of twists. The cartoonish visuals stand in stark contrast to the serious strategy involved: protect your towers from attack by tactically placing your bomb-tossing and arrow-flinging towers.

PS3 v PS4: is it worth forking out for an upgrade?

ps3ps4imageThis November, Sony is finally unleashing the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, but many gamers are wondering if it is worth splurging on the new console when the current one is still going strong.

The PlayStation 3 was first released in 2006, and since then has had a number of must-play games released for it. As recently as June, around the same time that the PlayStation 4 was unveiled to the public during E3, developer Naughty Dog brought their survival horror masterpiece The Last Of Us out on PlayStation 3.

The game scored high critical praise, receiving 10/10 from many publications, as well as delivering a commercial success for Sony. There are countless other classics on the console that gamers may not have yet had time to play, and more still to come, including the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.

However, if you are a gadget geek and need to have the latest and best technology, pre-ordering the PlayStation 4 from Littlewoods early would be a safe bet. Featuring 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, it is custom built for sleek, smooth gameplay. Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft recently revealed that the definitive version of the next title in that franchise, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, would be for PlayStation 4, featuring “immersive graphics and superior wave simulation” to all other versions of the game. For many hardcore fans, that will be reason enough to invest in the new model.

The PlayStation 4 will also have exclusive new games from existing fan favourite franchises, including Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall. It will also have Transistor, the next game from Supergiant Games, and online racer Drive Club, developed by British based Evolution Studios. The latter will allow competitive play, as well as giving users the ability to set up tournaments and cup competitions via an exclusive app for smart phones and tablets.

As well as the technical improvements and new games, Sony have also improved the way games are played by redesigning their Dualshock controller. As Tech Radar noted in their review of the Dualshock 4, the new controller fits better in the hands, and the response times have been improved. It also has a couple of brand new features, including a small trackpad at the top and a share button, which will allow pictures and video of gameplay to be shared with friends and social networking sites.

In short, the PlayStation 4 is a definite buy for gamers with their hearts set on staying up to date with all the latest machines. However, those players who still have a PlayStation 3 need not worry. When speaking to Japanese gaming site Famitsu, Sony insisted that they would not abandon the PlayStation 3, and that the shift to the next generation would be a gradual process.

If you do take the plunge, there’s talk of making old games available for PlayStation 4, which would be a marked improvement on previous consoles being totally incompatible with discs designed for older models. You still won’t be able to play your PS3 discs as they are, but by 2014 you might be able to stream vintage classics through a ‘cloud’ system – an innovation that will definitely seal the deal for many gamers still nostalgic about PS1’s Crash Bandicoot.