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COD Black Ops 3 Beta Keys

Get Black Ops 3 BetaThe main question is “How to get Black Ops 3 beta” these days huh!? Well, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 for PS4 starts its beta in about 3 weeks from now (August 19th) and other consoles a week later. The game’s official release date is November 2015 by the way.

The beta for Black Ops 3 will be a large file download so ensure you have a good internet connection and enough space to run it. We expect about 5-6GB and we also do not expect all the maps to be included but we do not really care at this point. Also, the beta is NOT an actual finished version of the game but more of a special version allowing beta tester to test out the features, weapons, server load, etc.

Black Ops 3 Beta Access:
If you are in need of a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta key then click the button below. Even if you do not get it there, make sure what you get is a 13 digit key. Anything else is a scam! The game is going to be epic so grab a key now. We only have a limited supply!
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