Best Games to Play on the iPhone 5

What makes a great game is very subjective. You might place a lot of weight on flashy graphics or you might look for simple, addictive gameplay. Owners of the latest version of Apple’s iPhone have got a wealth of games to choose from and some serious hardware to play them on. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the best iPhone 5 games to suit all tastes.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you want a game that really tests the capabilities of the iPhone 5’s dual-core A6 chip, then Asphalt 8 Airborne won’t disappoint. The visuals of this popular racer wouldn’t look out of place on the PS3 and the gameplay has seen a few modifications, most notably in the respect that your car can now fly through the air. At a cost of 69p, it’s also not going to break the bank.


Dots is has a beautiful minimalism that eschews complex graphics in favour of coloured dots on a white background. The draw of the gameplay is in its simplicity: connect dots of the same colour to score points. And did we mention it’s free to download?

CasinoEuro’s Blackjack

For those who enjoy a little online gambling, the iPhone has made the whole process easier with dedicated casino apps. One of the more successful attempts comes from CasinoEuro whose Blackjack game has some of the smoothest gameplay and stylish graphics in the genre.


The stunning retina display on the iPhone 5 lends itself to games with beautiful visuals. Limbo is one such game: the dark, monochrome world has been expertly crafted to give the gameplay an eerie, uncomfortable edge. You play a little boy searching for his sister among the crumbling city of Limbo, navigating puzzles, traps and giant spiders. It’s won a total of 90 awards since release in 2010.


Minecraft was one of the greatest success stories in the indie gaming world. As of September 2013 it had sold over 12 million copies, making it the 3rd best-selling PC game of all time. So it made a lot of sense to port it over to the iOS. The pocket edition is every bit as fun and makes memories of playing with Lego seem so long ago.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

There aren’t many mobile games that warrant a £13.99 price tag, but XCOM: Enemy Unkown is an exception. It’s a port of the successful PC and console strategy game that takes you into the world of alien invasions and battle tactics. It manages to retain much of the original’s ethos even with the touch-screen controls.

Kingdom Rush 2

The sequel to the immensely popular Kingdom Rush doesn’t take the tower-defence genre to new heights but keeps the same formula and adds a couple of twists. The cartoonish visuals stand in stark contrast to the serious strategy involved: protect your towers from attack by tactically placing your bomb-tossing and arrow-flinging towers.

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